My Approach

I am a well-intentioned straight-shooter who is good at what I do. My initially serious demeanour is balanced by a strong sense of fun that delivers results. My approach is to be as open and consultative as any situation will allow, whilst very willing to make a difficult decision if necessary. This combination of personal commitment, team-building & inclusion and lack of a "political" agenda successfully generates real engagement with people that I work with.


Unusually, my skills cover both the big picture and the detail – a range that I believe sets me apart from many, as it permits me to effectively act both strategically and / or operationally, as the situation demands. Evidence for this, apart from my previous references, includes assessment using Saville Consulting’s assessment tools. This shows results higher than 90 - 95% of other professionals in areas as diverse as (Saville terminology) Compelling Vision & Big Picture; Communication; Creating Partnerships & Team Building; Providing Leadership; Decision-making; Savvy; Self-determination & Focus; and Achievement Drive.

Other evidence for this range of capability includes becoming 1991 APM UK Project Manager of the Year for a major hotel project whilst at Higgs & Hill and also being selected as one of just 20 senior managers from a global company of 100,000 to attend a year-long advanced strategic management development program, the Halliburton President’s Seminar, whilst at KBR.

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