Corporate, Bid & Project Due Diligence

At the corporate level, I have carried out key roles in both prospective company sales and purchases, so I fully understand both sides of the process.

At the bid & project levels, my roles have involved developing & assessing bid win strategies, risk management, final settlement & negotiation and the subsequent review & assessment of project performance in every aspect.


Pearce Group & ISG plc


At Pearce, as a shareholder, I was very closely involved in the sale of the business. Having prepared the business projections that the purchaser, ISG, was relying on and as the architect of the Pearce operating and reporting processes, I participated in detail to support their acquisition and to respond to their detailed due diligence process.


Once part of ISG, I participated in several potential acquisition due diligence processes, reviewing the full range of business from the financials, through the sales and operating issues, to individual project risk reviews.

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Business leadership

A key part of effective business leadership, both in individual firms and in joint ventures, throughout my career, has clearly involved extensive interrogation, challenge and support of bidding and project delivery teams, where instinctive as well as analytical understanding of key issues and potential latent problems was an essential attribute. I am adept at quickly assessing situations and determining which aspects of any given situation require further in-depth review.

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